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my own vision.

  • Spiymaty Kaydasha / Catch Kaidash (2020)

    TV Serial, drama, comedy,

    Director: Alexander Timenko
    Script writers: Natalia Vorozhbyt

    Composer: Max Smogol


    «Spiymaty Kaydasha/Catch Kaidash” is a Ukrainian 12-episode TV series of 2020, created by ProKino for STB TV channel. The screenwriter and showwriter of the project is Natalia Vorozhbyt. The plot of the TV series is based on the story of Ivan Nechuy-Levytsky «Kaidasheva family»

    Velyki Vuyky / Великі Вуйки

    Genre: TV series
    Year: 2019
    Country Ukraine

    Composer: Max Smogol

    «Velyki Vuyky» is a long-awaited spin-off of the cult series «The Last Muscovite», in which your favorite characters will find themselves in new circumstances.

    Residents of the village of Velyki Vuyky will find themselves in unprecedented and comic adventures, going on a trip to the capital of Ukraine. According to the plot, for the first time in the history of the village they want to build a brand new road to the settlement. But a corrupt official from the region gives the right to build a road to the neighboring Mali Vuyky. Fearing the outflow of young people, and eventually the extinction of the village, the head gathers enterprising fellow villagers and goes to Kiev to solve the problem.

    HIDEOUT (2020) / Схрон (2020)

    Genre: historical drama
    Timing: 27 minutes
    Production: 2020, with the support of the State Cinema
    Actors: Denis Shevchenko, Veronika Shostak, Vadym Kurylko, Andriy Maslov-Lysychkin, Ostap Dzyadek, Mykola Andrushko, Vladislav Porozhny, Artem Shtutsa, Ivan Potapov, Oleksandr Koval, Ivan Danylin
    Director: Oksana Voitenko
    Screenplay: Oksana Voitenko and Anatoliy Sobolevsky
    Cinematographer: Anton Borisyuk
    Production designer: Victoria Yanchuk
    Composer: Max Smogol
    Producers: Yuri Minzyanov, Kateryna Banakh

    Movie Trailer

    Ukraine, 1946. The commander of the insurgent detachment, Orest, is hiding in a shelter with his pregnant wife Eva and several soldiers. The rebels are surrounded by an NKVD detachment. The captain of the detachment puts Orestes in front of a choice: to give him Eve or to accept an unequal battle.

    We are bigger than me/My bilshe nizh ya / Ми більше ніж я (2020)

    Directed by Anton Shcherbakov
    Cinematographer: Dmitry Plyuta
    Production designer: Dmitry Shinkarenko
    Scriptwriter: Olga Krzhechevska, Tala Prystaetska
    Executive producer: Natalia Nikiforova, Andriy Rizvanyuk
    Creative producer: Tala Prystaetska
    General producer: Lyudmila Semchuk, Anna Rapp, Vladimir Lokotko
    Composer: Max Smogol

    After ten years of living together, their romance, passion and desire to continue building a family disappeared. Maxim has long got a young mistress Olya, and naive Nastya continues to prepare the best meals for the believer in lonely evenings and wait for him from «work»

    After protracted scandals, the couple decided to take a serious step — divorce! To save his parents’ marriage from collapse, his son Dmytro made a wish before the New Year: a happy family. However, fate decided to play an evil game with the Steppes — it moved Nastya’s soul to Maxim, and his soul — to a woman’s body! Will family reincarnation help save a couple’s relationship? How they will live in each other’s bodies

    The Shadow of the Star (2020) / Тінь Зірки (2020)

    Renata Martin loved to sing and her parents helped her become a pop diva. And then in her thirties she suddenly thinks that her life does not belong to her. The reason is the murder of a fan who copied the image of Renata. The arrival of Renata’s sister, Nastya, in the city does not alleviate the situation, the youngest daughter, whose mother stole the man, is not the best psychological support.

    Directed by Stanislav Rubenchik.

    Producers — Irina Chemeris, Irina Zarya.

    Composer: Max Smogol

    Clara / Clara and the Magic Dragon / Клара та чарівний дракон (2019)

    «Clara and the Magic Dragon» in the international box office «Clara» is a Ukrainian animated fantasy film, directed by Oleksandr Klymenko. The film tells the story of the adventures of a girl Clara, who tries to save a magical dragon from the forces of evil. The film premiered in Ukraine on October 26, 2019. Wikipedia


    Director: Alexander Klimenko
    Cash fees: $ 0.50 million
    Screenwriter: Alexander Klimenko; Sergey Grabar
    Composer: Max Smogol, Ivan Rozin, Nikita Moiseev, Zakhar Dzyubenko