We are bigger than me/My bilshe nizh ya / Ми більше ніж я (2020)

Directed by Anton Shcherbakov
Cinematographer: Dmitry Plyuta
Production designer: Dmitry Shinkarenko
Scriptwriter: Olga Krzhechevska, Tala Prystaetska
Executive producer: Natalia Nikiforova, Andriy Rizvanyuk
Creative producer: Tala Prystaetska
General producer: Lyudmila Semchuk, Anna Rapp, Vladimir Lokotko
Composer: Max Smogol

After ten years of living together, their romance, passion and desire to continue building a family disappeared. Maxim has long got a young mistress Olya, and naive Nastya continues to prepare the best meals for the believer in lonely evenings and wait for him from «work»

After protracted scandals, the couple decided to take a serious step — divorce! To save his parents’ marriage from collapse, his son Dmytro made a wish before the New Year: a happy family. However, fate decided to play an evil game with the Steppes — it moved Nastya’s soul to Maxim, and his soul — to a woman’s body! Will family reincarnation help save a couple’s relationship? How they will live in each other’s bodies

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