Velyki Vuyky / Великі Вуйки

Genre: TV series
Year: 2019
Country Ukraine

Composer: Max Smogol

«Velyki Vuyky» is a long-awaited spin-off of the cult series «The Last Muscovite», in which your favorite characters will find themselves in new circumstances.

Residents of the village of Velyki Vuyky will find themselves in unprecedented and comic adventures, going on a trip to the capital of Ukraine. According to the plot, for the first time in the history of the village they want to build a brand new road to the settlement. But a corrupt official from the region gives the right to build a road to the neighboring Mali Vuyky. Fearing the outflow of young people, and eventually the extinction of the village, the head gathers enterprising fellow villagers and goes to Kiev to solve the problem.

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